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About Us

We are a dry utility consulting firm that is "your quickest road from paper to power!"  


Our team has developed proven problem-solving solutions and forged time saving relationships with key players with the dry utilities and their executive management as well as the best contractors and engineers in the industry.  Over a decade of experience designing and processing dry utilities "in-house" for the largest homebuilder in the USA, and over 10 years as a consultant.

“With our knowledge of the inner workings of homebuilders, our services were designed to give you what you need before you know you need it.”

Our standard of approved plan checks with the very first or 2nd submittal allows you to fast track the installation of your utilities, helping you get one step closer to closing your homes, selling your land, or opening for business.

Please Contact us for any of the following:

  • Due diligence cost estimates

    • Conversions, In-tract, Relocations, Services, etc. 

  • SCE Approved Applicant Electric Designer, Rule 13, 15 & 16

  • LADWP Applicant Electrical Designers & full electrical processing

  • Dry utility design management and coordination (electric, gas cable TV & telephone), including in-tract, major highways, commercial, conversion, relocation, etc.

  • Applicant Electric & Gas installation options

  • Dry utility trenching bid process

  • Streetlight installation options & processing, LS2 & LS3 systems

We have relationships with the best applicant installers and trenchers in the business. For a full service, One stop shop for all your Dry Utility needs, Please contact us right away at:


Looking forward to working together!

"Our design team has earned the reputation of having the most accurate electrical designs in the industry."

2 Via Alivio

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688

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